Laser Marking

Laser marking is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to, pad printing, silk screening, chemical etching, and other costly, lower quality processes. Our process provides superior quality and durability.

Precision marking and engraving is our business at EMW Laser. Sight gauges suitable for use in ISO certified enterprises can be produced with tolerances of ±0.001″. Scales graduated knobs and gauges can be marked with standard or custom increments on flat or curved surfaces. Our QC (quality control) department assures compliance and provides COC (certificate of compliance) for all lased materials.

The marking of medical and surgical components is routine business at EMW Laser. We understand the needs of our customers are committed to providing fast turnaround. We have your passivation needs covered utilizing our Citric process. This process conforms to ASTM standards on Stainless Steel. EMW Laser is capable of making curved surfaces, as well as a variety of unusually shaped objects through CNC indexing.

Anodized Aluminum Marking

The laser mark on anodized aluminum is a bright white, revealing a high contrast to most surface colors. Lasing times on anodized aluminum are relatively short; this allows for competitive pricing and an ability to accommodate high volume orders with a quick turnaround.

Metal Marking

Metal marking is another one of our specialties. Text and graphics can be permanently marked on carbide tool, stainless steels, anodized aluminum, other metals, and finishes. Many of these applications are inexpensive and quickly completed. Laser marking increases durability and legibility. A darkened lased mark can be achieved in certain metals, without noticeably altering the surface texture. This method is popular for medical instruments. The mark remains through autoclave and passivation processes.

Plastic Marking

Polycarbonates of a polished or textured surface develop a defined dark mark under the laser. Lexan, a transparent plastic, produces a similar dark mark, perfect for custom decoration and back-lit plaques. Multi-layered paint on plastic can be removed to specific depths, revealing the underlying colors.